Route Optimization

Hackbarth Delivery Service thrives on time sensitive routed deliveries. You can trust us to provide you with the best scenarios to coincide with your requirements. Our state-of-the-art route optimization software allows us to provide our customers with multiple routing solutions in an expedited fashion for even their most complex demands.



Stay on top of your competitors with progressive delivery technology that we helped develop. As pioneers in package tracking and rapid electronic delivery of package data, Hackbarth Delivery Service keeps you ahead of the tech curve.

Smart Phones with MobileTek

Data Management

Reporting Your Way

We tailor reports to suit your requirements.  We help you decide what critical information you need to access, how you want to receive your data, when you want to see it, and wherever it is most convenient for you. Whether you prefer your smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or paper, we are data management specialists who put custom back in customer service.

Connectivity & Scanning
  • Delivery scanning and tracking
  • Receive Scan > Load Scan > Delivery Scan > Signature Capture
  • Real-time - Enhanced technology for package level tracking
  • Xcelerator Platform
  • Xcelerator dispatch software makes data fully searchable and always available through a secure online interface
  • Instant access - Our Service Center can log in to our online system and retrieve a signed, scan verified POD that can be printed out or e-mailed.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reports
Scanners & Smartphones
  • Smartphones with MobileTek software installed will replace Motorola scanners
  • Phasing out Motorola MC65 model scanners - Windows Mobile OS
  • Majority utilize the MobileTek Core application on their cell phone
  • MobileTek Core is supported on Android and IOS devices.
  • This software allows users to scan package barcodes and capture signatures, and then transmits that data back to our Xcelerator system.