Nothing is more important than our customer. He is not just something, he is everything. Therefore, our most important task is customer service.

Our existence revolves around one central factor: Our Customer.

What is customer service?

Is it picking up and delivering packages - not making mistakes? These things are important - but also are expected normal operation in a delivery business. The definition of service is much greater in scope. It begins with being what the customer asks us to be. It continues with being what the customer needs us to be. It results in being more than the customer expects us to be. It is doing more than you are paid for doing.

It is not adequate to be better than other companies. Their efforts may not be adequate at all. We can't compare. Being better than other companies is not the goal.

Being #1 to the customer is the goal.

Customers are first.

Service means smiling at our customer and at our customer's customer. It is delivering the package to the right location and also to the right person. Service is noticing something the customer might have forgotten and taking the initiative to do it. Service is knowing what the customer might need today and going ahead and doing it before being asked. It's making it convenient for the customer- not just convenient for us. It's doing all the small things.

Service means being 'for' the customer. Being 'for' someone means looking out for their very best. Not just when the customer is looking - but especially when no one is looking. It is caring about HOW we do things- not just what we do. It is the attitude in which we operate, the spirit in which we do it. It's saying "I care."

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