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July 14, 2010 - 3 minutes read

Hackbarth Delivery Responds to Gulf Coast Oil Crisis

[Mobile, Alabama July 14, 2010]  The associates of Hackbarth Delivery Service are committed to helping the Gulf Coast during the oil crisis until the “coast is clear.” Teams are volunteering to spot oil, serving Gulf Coast clean water associations, and providing deliveries for organizations involved with the oil cleanup efforts.

Rob Hackbarth and Kelly Picard have been scouting the rivers and bays for oil.On June 13th they spotted oil on both sides of boom surrounding Gaillard Island located in Mobile Bay, which is one of the largest estuary systems in the United States.  Gaillard Island is an important site for colonial nesting seabirds and shore birds in coastal Alabama and is the only nesting site in the state for brown pelicans, a threatened species.  Rob and Kelly took pictures and notified news agencies as well as Mobile Baykeepers, a Water Keepers Alliance.

Hackbarth Delivery Service has been a proud sponsor of the Mobile Baykeepers annual fundraiser “The Grandman Triathlon” for the past four years.  This event brings almost one thousand athletes from all over the country to the Mobile Bay area and not only showcases the ecological diversity, but also raises money to help the Baykeepers fund cleanup projects like the Gulf Coast oil crisis.   Also, Rob and Carol Hackbarth have been involved with political action groups whose focus is looking for new ways to protect the bays and wetlands from the oil.  Rob is currently serving on the Dog River Clean Water Revival Fishing Tournament committee.  The goal of the Fishing Tournament is to raise awareness in the community and beyond of the environmental and economic impact that litter, run-off, and the gulf oil spill has had on the region.

Deliveries are a critical part of keeping the necessary provisions readily available for the workers who diligently endeavor to clean the coast.  Hackbarth has been dispatching drivers from warehouse terminals in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana to carry water samples for analysis.  Supply deliveries to the Unified Command Centers in Mobile as well as New Orleans are occurring weekly.  Also, Hackbarth is carrying equipment to other regional sites as needed for oil cleanup.   As a first responder after natural or manmade disaster, Hackbarth Delivery Service stands ready to provide critical help when it is needed throughout the year.

Hackbarth Delivery Service has been delivering Knock Your Socks Off® service since 1975.  If you or someone you know is interested in helping with the oil cleanup efforts, please contact Kim Sweet at Hackbarth Delivery Service  To donate directly to the Mobile Baykeepers, please visit their website at The following is their contact information:

Mobile Baykeeper
300 Dauphin Street, Suite 200
Mobile, AL 36602
Phone: (251) 433-4BAY (4229) or
Toll Free:  1-888-433-4460
Fax: (251) 432-8197