Above and beyond!  Thank you Gladys Swain, Danielle Thornton and all who were involved!

Gladys Swain - Pensacola

Danielle Thornton - Service Center

Your motto ” Specializing in Last Mile Delivery ” says it all. Danielle couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. An hour before I was to leave Pensacola for Colorado Springs by Delta. My mom discovers that she can’t find her Plavix, a blood thinner which should keep her from getting a clot in her brain ,heart or lungs. Multiple texts back and forth at airports. Did you find it? She looked everywhere . She is 81 years old and sharper than most people where mess are concerned. She has difficulty speaking so it was hard for her to explain her problem to the pharmacist. She had already missed one dose. I called your company first to see if a medication could get picked up at a pharmacy and delivered to her apt 5 miles away in an independent living facility. Danielle said she thought she could get a driver but it might be a couple of hours. I told her that would work and I would call back when the pharmacist confirmed they would re issue .The script would cost over $400.00 out of pocket if insurance was not used. Asked pharmacist if insurance could be contacted about replacing lost med. This would take over an hour.Numerous phone calls between all three of us. Good news insurance covered. Cost now $ 1.23 but the pharmacy couldn’t take my credit card over the phone. Danielle added the $ 1.23 to the bill for me and the driver (Gladys Swain) paid with pocket money. Credit card number given. A few hours later mom , has not called me back, I call Danielle and as soon as I tell her my name she asks ” Did your mom let you know she got her medication. ” I said no, she laughed and said it was delivered sometime ago. Your mom talked with our driver (Gladys) for a while. Mom finally calls and says ” The nicest person delivered my medication, I enjoyed talking with her so much. I took my medication ,then they started serving dinner. I talked with my friends and this is the first chance I got to call you and thank you. ” I can’t believe you could do all that over the phone”. She’s still talking about it with her friends. Your company , Danielle and the delivery person (Gladys), really went all out to make this happen. You made our Christmas. Now mom and I both can sleep tonight not worrying about a clot. She at 60 degrees sea level, me at minus 10 and 9,500 elevation. Thank you, thank you thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas!”